Crafting The Perfect Urban Snowboard Edit | Behind The Scenes of Jesse Augustinus’ XGames Real Snow

Courtesy of Red Bull Snow

No mountains is no problem for Jesse Augustinus, the Dutch rail master. At eight years of age Jesse Augustinus stood on a snowboard for the first time. Why? Because he was bored during the winter.

Just as well really, because after he mastered the basics, he was always going on to do much more in the snowboarding world. Here’s how Jesse crafted his 2020 entry for XGames Real Snow Edit which secured 3rd place in the public poll this week.

Age: 24 Stance: Regular Hometown: Brunssum, Netherlands Currently resides: My parent’s place Most recent video part: Postland “ZZZ” | X Games Real Snow 2020 Rookie Filmer/editor: Stefano Bergamaschi

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