Congratulations Preston Campbell on Winning the Sprint Enduro Aboard your Honda CRF250RX

Courtesy of JCR / Honda

The final round of the popular AMA Sprint Enduro series was held this past weekend in Anza, Ca. The racers were treated with 3- separate tests, laid out on virgin trails, freshly hand-cut by D37 clubs, on property never raced on before. 
JCR/Honda’s Preston Campbell came out swinging on his CRF250RX. Laying waste to all competitors that rainy day, not only taking the LWT 1 AA/Pro250 win but annihilating the entire field of Pros, winning by over 4 minutes, taking the overall win for the day!
This marked a “perfect” sprint enduro season for young Preston, taking the Pro 250 win in every single round for 2019. 

“Today was the best race all year- the conditions and terrain were awesome. My CRF250RX was the perfect bike for this round. This series has been a lot of fun and I am thankful to the D37 and the clubs to step up and recreate the enduro series. Special thanks to Honda and our Team sponsors for the support!”
-Preston Campbell 

Next up for the JCR/Honda Team:
-NGPC, Lake Havasu, AZ Dec. 14-15

PC: Mark Kariya 

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