Challenging Night for Team Honda HRC at Indianapolis Supercross

Courtesy of Honda Racing Corporation

Round 11 of the AMA Supercross series at Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Stadium left something to be desired for Team Honda HRC, as Ken Roczen finished eighth for the second weekend in a row, while teammate Cole Seely was 12th. Throughout the day, Roczen struggled to find his momentum. In the main event, the German got off to an unexceptional start, taking the green flag in eighth. He attempted to make his way forward but was unable to do so and maintained that position throughout the entire 20-minute-plus-one-lap race. Seely started in 14thand worked his way into 11thmidway through the race, but was passed on the final lap. NOTES Less than 10 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium sits Dreyer Honda, the oldest Honda dealership in the United States, where Ken Roczen and Cole Seely made an appearance on Friday evening. The two were joined by GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton and Christian Craig, as well as BWR Honda riders Tyler Enticknap, Carlen Gardner and Cade Autenrieth as they signed autographs and posed for photos with a large turnout of excited fans. Once again, teams fought cold temperatures in Indiana. With a high of under 50 degrees, Team Honda HRC only set up their technical truck, not the hospitality truck. “We have a minimal crew in Indiana, and not that many guests,” said team manager Erik Kehoe. “Plus with the weather, we decided to only set up the tech truck and set up a few tables under there for staff to eat.” During the day’s timed qualifying practice, both Roczen and Seely struggled to find their pace on the Indianapolis track. Roczen landed 10th-fastest with a 49.311” time, while Seely was 11that 49.355”. The Indianapolis track showcased a split-lane turn before a whoop section, but Seely felt it wasn’t effective. “I honestly think it was kind of pointless,” he said. “They try to do the split lanes, whether in a turn or rhythm section, but either way, there’s always going to be a faster line. Like here, everyone is going to the inside so it’s a little silly.” Indy was another strong showing for GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton, who scored his first heat-race win of the season en route to another second-place 250SX East main-event finish. As the series now heads west, Sexton will have a few weeks off before contesting the Nashville Supercross on April 6. He advanced to second in the championship, with 125 points. Team Honda HRC heads back to the West Coast for this coming Saturday’s event at Seattle’s CenturyLink Stadium for round 12 of the AMA Supercross Series, one night after making a dealer appearance at South Bound Motorsports in Lakewood, Washington. Press contact: Mandie Fonteyn // Jonnum Media // +1 (951) 537-0454
Ken Roczen  94 “There isn’t much to say about Indianapolis. It just wasn’t a good weekend for us. I had some struggles during the week and over the past couple of weeks that have really held me back and have made it so I can’t ride and train to my full potential. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and hopefully get some answers soon. I’ve just been getting tired and I’m not sure why. Right now I’m just trying to focus on getting my body and everything aligned so that I can fight back and ride like I was during the beginning of the season. I’m obviously not where I want to be at eighth, but if there’s a good thing to take away it’s that we’re physically healthy and heading to Seattle.”
Cole Seely  14 “This season has been a challenge and tonight was no difference. I’m really frustrated. I have the speed to do it but just need to put it all together. It’s definitely tough when you don’t put yourself in a good position off the start, which is what happened in the main. All I can do is keeping working and building forward.”
Erik Kehoe Team Manager “Our goal is to get on the podium each week and we’ve been falling short of that, which is tough because we know both of our guys are capable of it. Ken’s been consistent throughout most of the season but the last few weeks have been tough. Since he had been fighting the flu, he’s had a hard time bouncing back. Cole has been struggling to find his confidence this year. He has the skill and talent but I think he really just needs to believe in himself.”
Oscar Wirdeman Mechanic (Ken Roczen) “Tonight was kind of tough to watch. I’m not sure what happened, but there wasn’t a lot of progression throughout the race obviously, as Kenny started and finished in basically the same position. Bike-wise, he was pretty happy and we didn’t make many changes throughout the day, so that wasn’t the issue. He wasn’t happy so we just need to figure it out and go from there.”
Jordan Troxell Mechanic (Cole Seely) “I think everyone is a little frustrated because we’re not sure what’s missing. I know Cole wants it, I know he can run up front, and he’s happy with the bike, but we can’t seem to get past whatever is holding him back. He’s been struggling with starts, which puts him in a bad situation from the beginning. That’s hard but he’s also still building himself up mentally.”

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