Burton Qualifiers Tour Stop 1: The Tasty Slopes of Wisconsin

Courtesy of Burton Snowboards

Rope tow culture was alive and well at Trollhaugen, Wisconsin, for stop 1 of the Burton Qualifiers tour. What this hill lacks in vert it more than makes up for in raw local talent. With stories of riders getting 100+ laps an hour on the park’s warp-speed rope tow, it’s no shocker to see that these kids absolutely rip. And when a $20,000 prize purse is up for grabs, all bets are off as to what will go down.

This year was no different with an eclectic mix of up-and- coming rippers and established names all vying for bragging rights and a stack of that cheddar. Even local legend Ethan Deiss was on-hand to shovel Troll’s artisanally crafted setup. When the chaos was finished, cash was handed out to the top three in both the Open and 15 & Under divisions, while the top 6 in each division got an invite to the tour finals at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin was just the first of six Burton Qualifiers stops across North America. For full tour info and to see where we’re heading next, visit BurtonQualifiers.com.

15 & Under

1st: Zeke Oppegaard

2nd: Jake Antisdel

3rd: Cole Solner

4th: Liam Johnson

5th: Justin Colon

6th: TJ Ackfeld


1st: Garrett McKenzie

2nd: Sam Schiltgen

3rd: Luke Zajac

4th: Ryan Paul

5th: Mike Skiba

6th: Pete Croasdale

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