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For two very important men on the British motocross scene, this coming weekend’s MXGP of Great Britain means more than just a race. For Local Organizer Steve Dixon and Honda Motor Europe Off-Road Racing Manager, and former GP winner, Gordon Crockard it is about the sport in Great Britain continuing its success of previous seasons.

Matterley Basin is a favorite with both fans and riders, no doubt with a good weather forecast for this weekend, we can expect a massive crowd to arrive and bring with them the atmosphere this amazing facility deserves.

“I remember in 2006,” Crockard said. “Matterley was great weather and a new track, the venue had been created by Steve Dixon and his team, it had so much potential for the future. I mean memorial Motocross of Nations there, and many Grand Prix’s. It is purely used for Grand Prix, while many other circuits are used for national level races, but Matterley is just for MXGP races. It is exclusive to the World Championship and nobody gets to ride it.

Dixon has enjoyed a lot of success at the circuit and continues to put 100% effort into making it a great experience for all involved. Having done it now for more than a decade, the British motocross legend knows what it takes to make it a success.

“As an organizer I did 2005 at Matchems,” Dixon said. “Then 2006 at Matterley, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, MXoN in 2017, 2018 and this year. So, this will be my 10th GP and 11th GP as an organizer. My 10th GP at Matterley, and the two MXoN events. You know we have had more GPs at Matterley than anywhere else during the last 20 or 30 years in the UK. Consistently running year after year, apart from maybe the 1980s, we have run more than anyone.

As for on the track, both Dixon and Crockard feel that the British contingent have a shot at bringing some success for the home crowd.

“I totally think we have British guys who can get on the podium at Matterley,” Crockard said. “Tommy Searle was very good in Argentina and I think he will bring good momentum to Matterley Basin. Also, Ben Watson, he wasn’t happy with Argentina, so he will be fired up and want to stamp his authority in the championship. This is the chance for all riders to get things right and I think there is a big build-up and anticipation from motocross fans. I hope Matterley Basin is supported well by the crowd, because it is such a magnificent event, but we need a crowd and I hope they put it right this year.

As for Dixon, he sees Max Anstie, Tommy Searle, and Ben Watson as riders who could surprise and take home a big position on the podium.

“I think Max can shine here and I think Tommy is pushing for it also, Shaun Simpson I don’t know, but I know Tommy and Max can pull it off. MX2 I think Watson can do well, plus Adam Sterry, and Conrad Mewse has won on a 85cc. I think we will see at least one British rider on the podium.”

So now as we turn into the final few days of this magic event, the spectators are working out their travel plans, and the riders are putting together their final preparation. You can be sure something special will happen in England this weekend and let’s hope the Matterley Basin circuit comes alive Sunday afternoon. Author:  Geoff Meyer

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