Breaking down the builds with Darren Berrecloth | Red Bull Rampage 2018

Courtesy of Red Bull Bike

Tune in to Red Bull Rampage LIVE this weekend!: The Claw ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty! Darren Berrecloth breaks down the builds from three of the biggest riders at Red Bull Rampage 2018 – Brendan Fairclough, Brett Rheeder and Jordie Lunn.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes action from the biggest event in freeride mountain biking. Red Bull Rampage 2018 will see 21 of the world’s greatest freeriders transforming the unforgiving terrain of southern Utah into descending lines of form and function. The goal here is to display the kind of riding that will place them at the top of the podium at one of the most arduous tests of fortitude on two wheels.

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