Breakdancers drop moves on the Matterhorn amid stunning views

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

At 4,478m it was the coldest dance-floor for the duo.

In 2018, B-Boy Junior and Hong went way outside their comfort zone at the top of Switzerland when he was dropped on to the famous Matterhorn mountain to dance with a spectacular backdrop.

Here is all you need to know:

– The Matterhorn, also known as “Peak of the Meadows” straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy with an altitude of 4,478m.

– Launch project director Philippe Woodtli and helicopter pilot Philipp Mangold had to work out the safest way to fly the Frenchman up and drop him off on the mountain.

– Junior had never been on a mountain higher than 1500m, so it was powerful to see him lowered down by a cable and swung on to perform freeze moves.

– He said: “Once I was hooked in and I knew that I was safe. I looked around and it was stunning. After five seconds I was already feeling it and my breathing became increasingly difficult. Between each take, I needed time to recuperate and catch my breath.”

– Mangold added: “I really assumed that he wouldn’t be able to do the freeze. I could have bet he’ll sit there and just tremble, but he did it. So much respect. Awesome!”

– They also built a breakdance stage on the Schilthorn summit where two-time Red Bull BC One world champion Hong10 joined Junior and fellow B-Boy Benny for a series of moves with a stunning backdrop.

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