Bowl Skating Madness in Malmö: Contest Highlights | Vans Park Series 2017

Courtesy of Red Bull

Malmö is one of the world’s most skateboard-friendly cities, as proved by its incredible skate scene and this epic park. For stop three of the Vans Park Series tour, a custom-built park was built to maximize flow and style as the red carpet rolled out for the best of the best transition skaters in the game. Click the link above to watch the full contest replay on Red Bull TV!


1st – Alex Sorgente – 93.54

2nd – Tom Schaar – 88.11

3rd – Karl Berglind – 86.49

4th – Cory Juneau – 85.33

5th – Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg – 83.27

6th – Roman Pabich – 80.82

7th Pedro Barros – 54.10

8th – Ben Hatchell – 30.50

Watch the full replay on Red Bull TV:


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