A Bomb’s Journey – Rebecca Rusch’s Return to Laos

Courtesy of Red Bull

During Rebecca Rusch’s journey down the Ho Chi Minh trail for the production of the documentary, Blood Road, she was able to observe the staggering impact bombs left on the landscape of Southeast Asia and the enormous threat of landmine and UXO (unexploded ordinance or bombs) contamination that still plagues these countries. After seeing this devastation, Rebecca was pulled to returned to Laos so she could help. During her return, she meets with Mine Advisory Group (MAG), a 501 (c)3 that helps keep land safe for schools, farms, and basic infrastructure around the world by removing landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), providing risk education (MRE) sessions, and helping control light arms and munitions. She also meets with Article 22, an ethical jewelry company which works with Laotian artisans to create handcrafted jewelry from Vietnam War shrapnel. Through this experience, Rebecca is able to learn more about the efforts of these two organizations and how she can continue to work towards making Laos a safer place.

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