BMX Bedlam in Denmark – Kriss Kyle’s is the star of ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland / eyesprint communication

Kriss Kyle @ Rudbjerg Knude – Photo credit: Esben Zøllner Olesen / Red Bull Content Pool

the latest and greatest BMX edit ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’ has just dropped and is a must-watch if you have an ounce of bike oil in your blood. Starring Scottish bike-master Kriss Kyle and filmed, directed and edited by Matty Lambert ‘The Land of Everyday Wonder’ takes you on a bike spinning, wall-riding, shark-baiting, big-drop tour of Denmark and its cultural assets. Saddle up and watch in wonder as Kriss and Matty shred Denmark, the happy capital of the world. 

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