BLOOD ROAD: Deleted Scene – Cambodian Temple

Courtesy of Red Bull

In this deleted scene from Blood Road, Rebecca Rusch finds herself at temple in Cambodia. She reflects on the importance of family and sheds light on her personal revelations made while filming. This stop at the temple is a rare moment of pause that Rebecca and Huyen allow themselves to take during the grueling ride along the entirety of the Ho Chi Minh trail. While they take this interlude, and grant their bodies a chance to rest, Rebecca contemplates what this trip means beyond the immediate. As she ponders these thoughts and explores the temple, Rebecca discovers a mural reminiscent of the tree where her father was laid to rest and, in this moment, her trip to the Ho Chi Minh and journey to find her father comes full circle. “I didn’t know what I was searching for but it was right there, waiting for me.”

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