BIKE Transalp 2019 – Stage 4 – “The leader jersey? Nice surprise!”

Courtesy of BIKE Transalp

“The leader jersey? Nice surprise!”

Nina and Elena joined the BIKE Transalp to have fun, revel in nature and to find that peace of mind that only a stage race across the alps can give you. 👌🏻

The focus on team-building during their training leading up to the event, as paid off big-time! To their surprise, they are currently riding in pink – the Women’s leader jersey! 💪🏻

And that is exactly what the BIKE Transalp is about – sharing the joyful moments and the suffering. Together we are stronger. “Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing”

Now sit back with some well-deserved recovery juice 😉 and enjoy our clip of the day!

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