Bereman and Schaer combine for gripping “One Shot” drone film

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Six weeks to build San Diego course for American’s KTM 450 SX-F motocross ride.

Freestyle motocross star Tyler Bereman hooked up with cutting edge drone pilot Johnny “FPV” Schaer for a new film “One Shot” that sees the American navigate an intricate course on ranch property in East County San Diego. Here is all you need to know:

– Former supercross racer Bereman is always pushing the boundaries of going big on a dirt bike including  MTX Best Whip gold at X Games Minneapolis 2019.

– Along with stunt work for TV series like “Lethal Weapon”, Bereman also collaborated with Australian motocross legend Robbie Maddison on the “Duct Out” film in Los Angeles where he jumped a perilous gap on the famous Grand Avenue with a 34ft fall underneath.

– This time he got together with elite drone racer Schaer who has filmed from Dubai to Iceland, chased around Formula One cars and trailed hot air balloons in Turkey.

– Captured in one take by Schaer, the five-minute “One Shot” film spotlights Bereman on his KTM 450 SX-F as he takes on a snaking, challenging course with the complex riding line taking six weeks to build.

– After a day of practice, it took the duo several attempts to nail the choreography as Bereman tackles jumps and throttles through bumps while Schaer flies close, pulls back and pirouettes around him using a DJI Osmo Action and the DJI FPV transmission system.

– Californian Bereman, 28, said: “There’s a little bit of everything I love to ride in this line: doubles, triples, step-ups, left and right hits, technical jumps and wide open track stuff. It was a long process to put it all together in a way that would suit my riding and give Johnny a chance to show his chase skills. I had this amazing line and he was able to get extremely dynamic to really showcase both his flying as well as my riding.”

– Chicago native Schaer, who has amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram, added: “Tyler would nail the biggest tricks repeatedly without many mistakes. Obviously, not all of my takes are perfect so the one we nailed is because he completely nailed it.”

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