Behind The Nines’19 EP.1 – The Office

Courtesy of Audi Nines

The Audi Nines 2019 is on it’s way! On the 22th of April the event kicks off, but before that we want you to experience our road to the Audi Nines. Follow this epic adventure with a special glimpse behind the scenes! In this episode we introduce you to the talented, extraordinary people who make the Audi Nines possible.

Produced by: The Distillery

Host: Nico Zacek

Edited by: Christoph Kaar

Filmed by: Christoph Kaar Lukas Hauser

Sponsored by: Audi Falken Tyres Sölden Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Monster Energy Völkl Marker Pistenbully Viessmann Buff GoPro Klarx Pure Surfcamps Schneestern Level Gloves KIKU Apples Four Seasons Travel F-Stop Navelo

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