Behind Nasser Al Attiyah’s Dakar Dream | Destination Peru Part 1

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

It’s no doubt that Nasser Al Attiyah has had a prosperous career in rally and motorsports. Qatar’s champion was eager to make his mark from a very young age, looking under the hood of cars and eventually putting his own off-road vehicle together! From then on it was years of scoring titles and medals, but did you know that Al Attiyah’s ambition has taken him way beyond the wheel? The rally legend has mastered more than just the dunes, taking on the discipline of Skeet shooting alongside his off-road adventures. Al Attiyah proved his snappy accuracy with a shiny bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

“This is one of those difficult sports in terms of concentration. That’s why I also started shooting, because it’s helped me a lot in motorsports. When I put the helmet on my head, I need to be one hundred percent ready because if you make a mistake, you will crash” Stay tuned for the next episode as we peek at the dream team behind Nasser Al Attiyah’s success towards the win of Dakar Rally 2019.

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