“Banzai Betty” and Wrenna Delgado Make Waves in Big Wave Surfing

Courtesy of Red Bull

The waiting period for Red Bull Queen of the Bay is underway and the roster of big-wave surfers are eagerly awaiting a swell big enough to shake Waimea from its offseason slumber. While “The Bay” hasn’t been busy yet this season on the North Shore, contest organizers Betty Depolito and Wrenna Delgado have been working day and night, breathing life into the first event of its kind.

As the first and only female surf competition at Waimea Bay, the birthplace of big-wave surfing, the eyes of the surfing world are locked on their efforts, ready for what promises to be a thunderous event. On any given swell strong enough to move mountains of water towards the Coliseum-like big-wave amphitheater, men and women grab their rhino chasers, charge their way through the shorebreak and into the lineup with one thing on their collective minds — big, mean, beautiful surf at perhaps the most meaningful and historically significant break in the world.

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