Automatrics Trackers

Automatrics Trackers
After the well-publicised bike thefts this year with the WD40 British Superbike team at the start of the season and most recently Sherco Importer and also British Superbike team Tyco BMW being targeted by thieves it is important to try and deter the criminals as much as possible.
Automatrics provide the UK’s only police approved motorcycle security theft recovery tracking service. The business operates 24/7 providing Thatcham approved asset tracking services, which include motorcycle trackers from offices in Whiteley, Hampshire.
Automatrics have been supplying UK and international security and asset tracking services to customers for 10 years achieving an average 98% recovery performance. The company has recovered every single stolen motorcycle they have protected plus quite a few others alongside.
The Automatrics MTrack motorcycle tracker unit can be purchased with an optional remote control to arm the tracking unit motion sensor. When a bike is stolen the unit wakes up from sleep cycle alerting the monitoring centre and customers are then contacted. This self-powered motorcycle tracking device is dispatched fully functional even allowing owners to track its own delivery via their internet login. The waterproof high-tech device is hidden discretely by owners and is equipped with many unique features, including a tamper sensor, GPS, GSM, UHF  with a rechargeable battery.
Automatrics YouTube Version of BBC Thief Trackers Series 2 Episode 6
The only police approved tracking system
Thatcham Approved CAT 7 with additional features  for indoor or outdoor location recovery even if GPS signals are being jammed or hidden from satellite view
Motorcycle Page on Website
Stolen R6 (the second of three recoveries on this bike)
Stolen Gilera recovery video
Small self-powered, re-chargeable devices with GPS, GSM and UHF location accurate to less than 1 metre (battery will last 18- 30 months before owners are contacted to advise of a low level warning recharge need)
24/7 monitoring of alarms and contact client service.
Automatrics Limited
Forum 3
Solent Business Park
PO15 7FH
  or call in 01329 663812
Automatic quantity discounts are provided on the website + different monitoring options, monthly, annual or 3 year all with 3 year warranty and next day delivery.
We recommend rechargeable unit for motorcycles with optional remote control, so owners can enable and disable the motion alert
When the motion alert is enabled the tracking unit will automatically wake up after a remotely programmable motion “allowable time” has been breached to live track and report a theft in progress.
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