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Italian Motorsport company Alpinestars remains at the forefront of technological development of protective Motorsport wear from inception of product excellence way back in 1963.

Roger De Coster Photo Credit: Alpinestars

Roger De Coster Photo Credit: Alpinestars

Born from an opportunity to enter an emerging Motorsport market in Europe, Motocross, company founder Sante Mazzarolo developed his talent for production of protective footwear to meet the needs and demands of Motocross racing.

By the early 1970’s, Sante applied business acumen by forming a life-long partnership with up-coming World Motocross Champion Roger De Coster to wear Alpinestars Oscar boots.

De Coster’s in-put on design and feedback on product improvements not only proved invaluable for deliverance of quality Alpinestars footwear, but also cemented the importance of product-rider relations for De Coster went on to win 5 World Motocross Championships.

Subsequent development of protective Motorsport wear continued apace with Alpinestars production of boots for all forms of Motorcycling culminating in manufacturing technical protective wear inclusive of full leather suits for MotoGP and World SuperBike Championships.

Alpinestars Brand

Alpinestars Brand

Uppermost in technological protection of Motorsport athletes was Alpinestars innovative production of Tech Air-Bag System in racing leather suits in 2011, incorporating sensors that can determine if a rider is crashing or not and fully inflate airbags before crash occurs.

To present day, Alpinestars principle remains true to company’s conception: business innovation of protective product enhancing safety and performance of rider, racing physically, technically and mentally demanding of all sports: Motorsport.

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