A9 Mixtape Vol.2 – Snowboard

Courtesy of Audi Nines

Here it is, the second delivery of the Audi Nines Mixtapes. The snowboarders came in with an extraordinary collection of tricks combined with silky smooth style, delve deep into the progression session with the Audi Nines stellar cast of world-class snowboarders. Featuring: Yuka Fujimori, Ståle Sandbech, Mons Røisland, Sven Thorgren, Rene Rinnekangas, Reira Iwabuchi, Miyabi Onitsuka, Laurie Blouin, Anna Gasser, Sebbe De Buck, Sina Candrian, Clemens Millauer, Šárka Panchochocá, Niek van Der Velden, Yuri Okubo , Lia Mara Bösch, Raibu Katayama, Terje Haakonson, Jan Scherrer, and Annika Morgan.

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