100 Seconds of Epic Sailing With Oracle Team USA | Raw 100

Courtesy of Red Bull

Experience the sheer power of modern yacht racing in this ride-along video that’s simply raw, high-quality footage — no slow-mo, no music, no B.S.

The America’s Cup has always been a game changer in the world of sailing and the 35th edition of the race is no different. Twenty years ago, the average max speed was 12 knots. Today, it’s 40 knots (in less than 12 knots of wind). Meaning, you don’t even hear the wind because you’re going so fast. While sailing these machines, crews constantly teeter on the edge between ridiculously fast and total catastrophe, combating situations and G-force speeds when maneuvering. We should also mention that the sailors are not strapped in, which is like driving an F1 car without a seatbelt.

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